AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP MI/NS Specialist (only native Korean) in Seoul, South Korea

  1. Typical Accountabilities


• Collect, extract,evaluate,summarize and disseminate up-to-date,accurate, high quality information with balanced and effective manner to both external and internal customers in compliant way in terms of AZ policy and regulations with the purpose of appropriate use of company products.

• Respond to company product-related questions from externalcustomers only reactively, and Make sure that patients must not be given medical advice, but instead be referred to their Health Care Providers.

• Respond to queries concerning Unauthorized Company Products or Uses in compliant way. Even though queries from Health Care Providers were indirectly received via AstraZeneca colleagues(ex. Sales reps,or MKT), response must be delivered to Health Care Providers directly,and must ensure that commercial personnel(sales reps or MKT) never be involved in communication route.

• Ensure response to queries from Health Care Providers meet all of the requirement utilising standard responses and documentation

• Maintains up to date knowledge of AZ therapeutic areas and products plus competitor products

• Maintains up to date knowledge of library facilities,information retrieval systems and information technology

• Maintains up to date knowledge of medical literature to evaluate and utilise appropriately in Medical information responses

• Maintains MedicalInformation database for own products

• Maintains up to date knowledge of copyright and data protectionregulations and operates in compliance with these requirements

• Ensure minimal personal information to be gathered for the purpose of query handling based on personal information protection law.

• Develop and maintain high-quality product knowledge enhancement tools and effectively deliver to related functions.

•Produces management reports to track volume and pattern of HCP requests, and performance against Medical information KPis

• Ensures timely reporting of suspected adverse events with AZ products (in conjunction with Patient Safety) in compliance with local regulatory requirements and global AZ Safety Reporting requirements

• Conduct training to AZ employees for enhancingproduct/disease knowledge


• Review the final printed version and/or final digital version of promotional and specified non-promotional materials against pre-defined,principles-based criteria for approval. (Nominated Signatories may advise Brand Teams and Marketing during the development of materials but should not approve materials that they developed themselves)

• Approve meeting arrangements (e.g. content of materials, format, approach, venue,costs, speaker payments) against AZ policies.

• Review and approve HCP fees for service in accordance with Fair Market Value and/or local standard rates.

• Ensure that any support provided in the form of grants, sponsorships and partnerships complies with localSOPs, AZ policies and local requirements. Participate in the approval process for selection of recipients.

• Approve local Brand Plans and Campaign Plans together with supporting promotional and non-promotional materials against pre-defined,principles­ based criteria.

• Review and approve final sales representative training relating to their interactions with HCPs against pre-defined,principles-based criteria.

• Review and approve all documentation related to market research and other pre-licence activities to ensure that they are non-promotional.

• Review and pre-approve educational items for HCPs against AZ policies and standards before the item is given.

• Accountable for development of local SOPs for materials approval,re-approval, recall and document retention in line with AZ policies and local requirements.

• Accountable for development of local SOPs for conduct and approval of all meetings.

• Accountable for ensuring tha t promotional materials and activities initiated by AZ global teams that involve local (home country) HCPs are in line with local codes and regulatory requirements.

• Accountable for ensuring feedback and coaching is given to originators regarding any inappropriate material and/or meeting content to prevent re­ occurrence. Incorporate learning and best practice into training and revision of local procedures.

• Act on behalf of AZ in the investigation and/or defence of complaints raised against local AZ materials/activities. Participate in dialogue with other companies regarding competitor materials.

• Coordinate preparation for and response to any audits related to promotional compliance.

• Conduct training to AZ employees for improving knowledge of guidance or procedures related with Nom. Sig review & approval process

  1. Functional Capabilities

• Scientific knowledge

• Communication skills

• Planning & Organization

• Strategic Partnering

  1. Essential Qualification

• At least 12yrs M1/NS experiences preferred

• At least 3 year pharmaceutical industry experience preferred.

  1. Desired skills or requirements

• Bachelors degree inpharmacy,pharmacology,nursingor medicine.

• Demonstrated experience indrug information communication

• Excellentverbal and written communication skills (including English)

• Good computer and database skills

• Good knowledge of AZ therapeutic areas

• Good knowledge of AZ products

• Knowledge of regulatory environment