Mentor, A Siemens Business Senior Technical Marketing Engineer - 5997 in Seoul, South Korea

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer - 5997


Company: Mentor Graphics

Job Title: Senior Technical Marketing Engineer - 5997

Job Location: Korea – Seoul

Job Category: Technical Marketing

Job Duties:

• Develop/build proto-type RRT/OPC customized solutions through on-site supports, by working and guiding local product engineers and local software engineers

• Clarify/define scopes, criteria and specifications for such proto-type RET/OPC customized solutions through on-site support

• Communicate with Samsung Engineers, Mentor Korea engineers to set/adjust/manage priorities with flexibility depending on dynamically changing customers’ environment on-site.

• Communicate customer requirements to software engineering for implementation, to ensure that developed products to meet customer needs

• Collaborate with Juhwan Kim to formulate our support strategy and focus for Samsung

• Create test cases and experiment procedures that address technical problems/limitations/challenges that customers want to overcome, for product development team to consider for developing new solutions

• Test and characterize new software tools/solutions to meet customer requirements and Mentor release requirements, provide insights with recommendations for path finding for enhancements

• Generate training materials with guidelines, transfer/educate the Field AEs and Account Managers on new product features and capabilities

Job Qualifications:

• MS or Ph. D degree in electronic engineering, chemical engineering or Physics.

• Inter-personal skills; working experience with multiple groups/teams for common objectives

• Technical knowledge; RET/OPC/lithography experience (over 10 years of experience in this area)

• Insights/understanding Samsung customers/culture; Know customers’ RET/OPC/lithography solutions/flows very well (over 10 years of experience working at customer OPC team)

• Management/operation; project/program management experience (over 3 years)

• Skills; Familiar with sets of Calibre RET/OPC product tools, applications and methodologies

• Communication; Vocal/writing capability for capturing key messages with in-depth contexts in English, and provide clarities to customers, local engineers and division engineers.

• Presentation; Clearly deliver values/benefits/messages to Samsung Engineers and local support engineers, guide with priorities along with specific requirements through on-site demonstrations/supports